Colorful costumes, energetic dancing, and entertaining Bollywood songs marked the end of the Year of India in Canada celebrations in Regina this week (October 25, Conexus Arts Centre).

Glowing comments are coming in non-stop for "Bollywood Musical Sandstorm" -- the final Year of India event in Regina that thrilled an audience of over 500 on October 25.

If you have comments or reviews about any of the Year of India events, please share them with us through our contact page.

Meanwhile, we just couldn't resist sharing this email from Karen, which makes us so proud:

-----Original Message-----

By Irene Seiberling, Leader-Post, September 23, 2011

REGINA -- Bal Arneson is sure to spice things up in the Queen City this weekend. She is the Spice Goddess, after all.

(published in the Regina Leader Post, September 6, 2011)

I write in response to the Aug. 24 letter, “Event deserved better“.

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