Mahatma Gandhi, Birthday- October 2nd

ICA congratulates all on the occasion of Bapu's birthday.

I feel proud to see the statue of the great leader just outside Regina's City Hall. It is like a temple of peace. We should make it a 'point of interest' in Regina and take our friends and family who visit us from India or elsewhere. Our children should be told the motivating stories about this frail man who due to his education, intelligence, humanity and goodwill made a big mark not only for himself but for all Indians too. Gandhi ji displayed a rare constellation of abilities.

We should thank the Regina civic authority to provide such a big honor to India and Mahatma Gandhi by agreeing to install this statue right at the enterance of the most important civic structure in the City. We should also appreciate the efforts of the Indian 'pioneer' families in Regina who didnot forget their beloved 'bapu' so far away from India and did efforts to approach and coordinate the installation of Gandhi ji's statue at such a strategic position.

India Canada Association celebrates Gandhi ji's birthday year after year to keep alive Bapu's strong beliefs and principles. In the last 7-8 years I have seen many of our tiny children perform at this occassion. Many of them have become teenagers now and have turned into fine young men and women. I hope they all remember and practice the true ideals of Gandhi ji and appreciate the real reason for conducting such events.

ICA Hindi School has arranged a rememberance gathering on October 6, 2012 at Balfour Collegiate school between 2-4 pm to pay respects to this great personality. We request all to come and join us. Our Hindi school children will present a short cultural program.

President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday remembered Mahatma Gandhi on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti.

"Gandhi Jayanti is an occasion for us to reflect on the life and contribution of the Father of our Nation. This is also a day to re-dedicate ourselves to Gandhiji’s commitment to non-violence. We need to imbibe wisdom from Gandhiji’s thoughts and actions to address the present day problems that confront our nation and society-----"

"-----It was his quality of practising what he preached that made him the real Mahatma. Gandhiji understood the psyche of the people with his keen intuition and sensitive heart. By his charismatic mobilization of popular feeling he showed how an individual can bring social and political changes," said Mukherjee.

Gandhi ji’s ideas continue to transform diverse societies across the world. Lets spend some moments to reflect on atleast one good idea/thought shared by this great elder of ours. Let these thoughts motivate us to do something positive for the community we live in. It always starts with small steps.

Neeraj Saroj

Vice President, India Canada Association of Saskatchewan

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